Best Powdered Urine:100% Guarantee To Pass Drug Test

Real powdered urine that will help you to pass any drug test.The best dehydrated urine that clear drug test.Buy real powdered human urine online and save yourself from the drug test.This powdered human pee has the entire ingredient present in urine, hence it gives all the tests same as that of normal urine.

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It is a useful replacement of urine for all types of lab experiments irrespective of the type of test.

What is powdered urine?

As the name says the urine is in the form of powder.

The natural urine is dehydrated by a number of processes to get it as a powder.

The powder obtained is of 100% natural and is in dehydrated form.

The Powdered Urine Kit includes:

  • Drug-free urine in powdered form
  • Plastic vial – this vial can hold up to 50 ml of urine. The amount of sample urine to do drug analysis is up to 45ml. The 5 ml liquid is extra. One can also add 25 ml more water.
  • Heater- The heater is air activated which works for 6 hours.
  • Temperature strip shows temperature between 90 to 100 degrees. This strip can be used again and again. Temperature strip is of high quality. Few kits come with a digital thermometer, which helps in easy detection of temperature. digital thermometers are more recommended than the temperature strip.
  • Instruction leaflet

Preparation steps

  • Buy guaranteed 100% natural real human urine from a wholesaler or retailer. Put the powder in a container and add warm water. Mix well till the powder dissolves completely.
  • When working for experiments, add a heater to maintain the temperature. The temperature strip will help you in reading. 
  • In the testing area, you may not find the option of running water. Store the urine in a packet, but make sure that, the pocket doesn’t burst.
  • The powdered kit when reconstituted is exactly the same as natural urine in terms of smell and chemical composition. One can confidently use dehydrated urine for experiments or passing the drug test.

Why do people use Real powdered urine?

powdered urine

Test clear real human urine kits are utilized by people to avoid detection of medicines and drugs.

They are very popular and are an easy way to escape urine detection.

Many companies require their employees to clear drug tests before giving any job confirmation.

Certain positions such as air traffic control or truck driver employers are required to have fit and healthy people, so employers make it mandatory to pass the test.

Even protective parents want their children to get tested for drugs and other type of addictive substances.

The escape way is to use simulated urine in the form of powdered to be prevented for testing positive.

The drug sample can be traced in urine for up to 67 days.

Simulated Urine: Simulated urine is used as a normal control to check pH, Glucose, proteins, and ketones.

Does Powdered Urine work?

Powdered urine will have the same result like that of natural urine.

You will definitely pass the drug tests. Make sure that the urine same you are using doesn’t have any kind of adulterants to get the most accurate results.

Here is the checklist to check whether urine is natural or fake and adulterated.

Specific gravity: The natural urine has a specific gravity which is in the range of 1.005 – 1.030

pH: The natural urine has normal pH in the range of 4.6 – 8

Urea: Urea is the natural component present in urine. So, it is a must that fake urine powder should have this ingredient in it.

Organoleptics: Fake urine which is prepared by mixing urine powder with water should give color and odor same like that of natural urine.

Temperature: When urinated, the urine will be warm. So, powdered form of urine when reconstituted should have a temperature of 32-38 degrees in order to pass adulteration tests.

Success rate

The dehydrated human urine gives the results same as that of the normal urine sample.

This is because the urine is actually natural human urine in powder form.

The results can be accurately determined by calibrating machine.

The dehydrated urine cannot be detected as adulterated in laboratories.

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Tips and Tricks while submitting a dehydrated Urine sample

  • Before submitting the sample, make sure that sample urine temperature is warm between 90 to 99 degrees.
  • Keep the urine in the sample container and add room temperature water. Keep the heater in the container to get the desired temperature. Better to use only one heater to get the temperature, although you can use more than one heater also to get the heat quickly
  • One can check the temperature of the formulated urine with the help of temperature strip which comes with the powder urine kit. Temperature strip should be of high quality and reusable so as to check the temperature until you get the desired heat. If the urine is overheated, remove the cap of the plastic container and let the liquid cool down until the optimum temperature of 90 to 99 degrees is obtained. You can cool the liquid by blowing air over it. In case the temperature strip is not giving you accurate results, that means the reconstituted urine is either too cold or too hot. If the liquid is not getting heated, make sure that the heater is tightly sealed in the container. Use rubber bands or adhesive tapes to keep the heater intact and warm the water. Be quick in submitting the sample after the desired temperature is achieved. Temperature is the first thing which will be observed by the collector. You can use a urinator kit to keep the pee warm.
  • You can also keep the bottle warm by body heating. Keep the bottle in your underarms, bras, thighs, underwear etc.
  • Keep the prepared sample away from heat and moisture to avoid fluctuations in the prepared urine.
  • Carry water little more than 50 ml, because certain tests may require more than 50 ml of sample. But make sure that you are not diluting the powder urine sample too much and also the temperature of urine is not cold and below the optimum temperature of urine.

Uses of Real Synthetic  Urine

  • The first and main use is to escape detection of drugs in urine. The drugs can be detected in urine for about 2 months
  • Students can use  it for studies and experiments

With test clear dehydrated human urine, you can easily escape detection of medicines and drugs and also the texture of the urine will be same as natural urine.You can use powdered urine to hide the health issues or even hide your pregnancy. 

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